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Business Guides

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The advice you’re looking for, right at your fingertips. Our guides offer hands-on tips, tricks and aid to help you and your business start, grow and thrive.

Starting Your Business - checkered flag

Starting Your Business

Starting a business? Need a refresher? Navigate the process step-by-step.
Creating a Business Plan - gears and arrows showing them working

Creating a Business Plan

Your business plan is an essential element of your success. Let’s get started!
Register Your Business pencil and note

Register Your Business

Ready to register your business? Start here.
Licensing Your Business - paper with a checkmark

Licensing Your Business

If your business needs a license, here’s what to do.
Building Your Workforce - people around a gear working together

Building Your Workforce

There’s a lot that goes into building your team. We’re diving into the details.
Growth - plant growing in palm

Paying Business Taxes

Know what taxes you need to pay and how to pay them.
Certify Your Business - SBA 8(a) Program badge

Certify Your Business – SBA 8(a) Program

Learn how to compete as an economically disadvantaged individual.
Certify Your Business - Florida MBE badge

Certify Your Business – Florida MBE

Minority or women-owned business? Certifications can help secure opportunities.
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