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We are proud to be your one-stop shop for all your business needs. We are passionate about helping you and your business thrive in Volusia County. So, let’s get to work!


Whether you are thinking about starting a new business or are in the process of growing your operation, finding the resources you need can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming.  Let Volusia Business Resources (VBR) be your guide.

We listen!  VBR employs surveys and one-on-one conversations with business owners to develop solutions to their most pressing needs.  These real-time activities ensure that VBR is riding the wave of concern when creating targeted solutions.

We leverage the power of our community resource partners to ensure the development of comprehensive programs that enable the growth and resiliency of our local businesses.

We launch businesses on a trajectory of success by providing tools created specifically to resolve ongoing issues provided from businesses’ feedback.

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VBR is a collaboration of local area economic development partners responding to the needs of Volusia County businesses.  Through VBR, business owners at every stage can streamline their search for resources that position them for future success.

  • Resource Navigator – sorts local resources based on the stage of the business’ development and area of need.
  • Resource Calendar – showcases educational opportunities based on subject matter.
  • Business Guides – provide step-by-step instructions with direct links to navigate through the processes and requirements of business development.
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The Resources Are Out There.
Let's Find Them.

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