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Urban Chamber of Commerce of Volusia and Flagler Counties
Urban Chamber of Commerce of Volusia and Flagler Counties


The Urban Chamber's Four Objectives Are:

Revitalize Blighted Business District
The Urban Chamber of Commerce will establish comprehensive vision and agenda for revitalization and renewal for the Urban Market Place within under-performing communities.

Buy In Through Strategic Partners
The Urban Chamber of Commerce understands the need of a platform to facilitate resource an information exchange. This platform also solidifies common core values of interest, while drawing investment and stakeholders to the area.

Celebrating Culture
The Urban Chamber recognizes the value of all cultures, therefore, it seeks to bring positive Art Forms, to Volusia and Flagler County to enhance and educate young people of their heritage and contributions that they have made to society.

Meeting The Tourism Market
 For over five decades our area have not seen a successful effort of participating in the present tourism market of Volusia and Flagler counties from the Urban Business Perspective.  The Urban Chamber seeks to be the first to design and implement a long lasting community of commerce and family life.

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