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Volusia County Industrial Development Authority

The Volusia County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) was created for the purpose of reviewing and processing commercial/industrial projects submitted for tax-free revenue bond financing and re-financing as defined by, and in the manner provided by, the Florida Industrial Development Financing Act and by Sections 159.44-159.53 of Chapter 159 of the Florida Statutes.  Projects submitted and accepted by the Industrial Authority are subject to the approval or disapproval of the County Council.

Types of projects the IDA can issue bonds for include, but are not limited to are:

  1. Educational facilities
  2. Manufacturing facilities
  3. Office buildings for use as corporate or company headquarters or regional offices
  4. Health care institutions
  5. Housing
  6. Any facilities owned or operated by a 501(c) organization.


If you would like to learn more about whether or not your project qualifies for consideration, please contact Katrina Friel at (386)248-8048.

Services Provided

  • Funding
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