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WOW Fridays – Fundamental of Raising Angel Venture Capital and Crowdfunding Funds

April 21 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Introducing Work on Wisdom – WOW Fridays – at the Volusia County Business Incubator. Launched in January 2023. The goal of the WOW Fridays is to educate and inspire many entrepreneurs and business owners on topics relevant to their businesses’ growth. Topics include: 1. Business Modeling  2. Business Plan Development  3. Web 3 and Crypto 4. How to Present to Investors and Bankers  5. Social Media – Talks with the best influencers in town 6. Been there, done that! Talks from serial entrepreneurs.  7. Learn from local Military Entrepreneurs how they started their businesses “In business, bootstrappers typically rely on savings, early cash flow, and penny-pinching to fund startup companies, rather than seeking external funding in the form of loans or investments. When bootstrapping companies founders try to line up customers and suppliers early while taking little or no capital” – Bloomberg BusinessWeek. This Bootcamp will help you to understand everything about how to fund your business seeking external funding from bankers and investors. Certified Trainer by NBIA: Connie Garzon – M.B.A. – C.B.A

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