Solving For Underspending, Overspending, and Successfully Scaling Budget

It's tough to say which is worse: overspending or underspending. If you overspend, your client/boss will lose trust in the channel and see marketing as cost instead of investment. If you underspend, you can lose budget and more importantly opportunities for profit. In this data oriented action-item focused session we'll cover:

  • Troubleshooting overspending budgets by checking for hidden budget busters including settings, duplicate keywords, and tangential auctions.

  • Unshackling underspending budgets through structure audits including number of ad groups and targets, and bid to budget ratios.

  • Scaling successful campaigns without tanking them through gradual budget adjustments, as well as how to calculate investment to return projections based on profit vs revenue.   

This session is best suited to practitioners who need to manage stakeholder/client expectations as we well as those in charge of marketing dollars to understand why teams make the suggestions they make.

Categories: Education, Financial Literacy
Start Date: 8/24/2022 5:30 PM
End Date: 8/24/2022 7:30 PM

Venue: Online