Price our Product for Profit Right From the Start

Whether you produce a product or provide a service, staying in business requires that your pricing strategy will generate enough revenue, ensure profitability, and pay you what you are worth. If this isn’t happening now, this event will have you walk away with a clear strategy that allows you to price your product to have a business that can thrive and survive.


  • The formula to determine your price to make money, keep money, and get paid what you’re worth

  • How to identify the pricing strategy that is right for your business

  • How to avoid the pitfalls that sabotage making money

  • How to implement simple tactics that increase profit margins & drive more revenue

Categories: Financial Literacy, Market Research, Strategic Planning
Start Date: 6/8/2023 12:00 PM
End Date: 6/8/2023 2:00 PM

Venue: Online