Overcome Problems in Your Business

In business, we all have to deal with problems. Too often, we see a symptom and bandaid it. The problem does not go away, it just produces new symptoms. This free webinar is all about finding and fixing the underlying problem

This process is also excellent for anyone in an advisory role or consulting practice. If you can diagnose and fix the real problems the first time, you will be a hero. 

Our presenter, Steve Epner

Steve teaches Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University, and after selling his business, became the Entrepreneur in Residence for Boeing.

He is a serial entrepreneur and mentor.


Pre-registration is required for this.

Cost is free


Attendees will get a free electronic copy of Steve’s book: “Simplify Everything; Get your team from do do to done done with one surefire process.”

Categories: Business Planning, Strategic Planning
Start Date: 8/9/2022 6:00 PM
End Date: 8/9/2022

Organizer: SCORE